Family Law and Custody Parenting Time

Over the years, the legislature has redefines certain aspects of how child custody is handled. In almost all cases, they designed these refinements to protect the interest of children in divorce.

Child custody is divided into two main categories: legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody gives a parent the right and responsibility to make decisions for a child regarding such primary issues as healthcare, education and religion. There may be sole legal custody or joint custody. With sole legal custody, the right to make major primary decisions for a child rests with just one parent. If there is joint legal custody, both parents agree to discuss with each other what is best for their child regarding these major decisions. In Oregon, joint legal custody can only be awarded if both parents agree. Within the designation of custody to one or the other parent, there may also be “split custody”. Split custody occurs when one or more children live with the mother, but the other children live with the father.