About Attorney William E. Schireman

Attorney William E. Schireman

The cornerstone of my law firm is the client. As your attorney my role is to listen to you, then zealously represent you in your family law case, both inside and outside of the courtroom. At every step in the process, I ensure that you, not the lawyers, make the decisions, by giving you the accurate information and honest opinions you need and deserve.


With over 30 years of extensive trial experience behind me, I have the skills necessary to appraise your case, and to present it in court.


The standard legal education in Oregon is a mere 45 hours every 3 years. Every single year I devote far more time than that, and spend substantial amounts on seminars, legal resources and research.


All of my cases are exclusively Oregon divorce and family law which means I know how to negotiate your case, how to litigate it, and what to expect from the domestic relations judges. That’s the advantage of selecting an Oregon divorce lawyer who focuses exclusively on family law.

If you need the assistance of an experienced Oregon family law attorney, call me today.